Oracle Encoder Service LLC is the most capable feedback service firm. We
have experience with over 150 brands of encoders, pulse coders, pulse
generators, resolvers, pick-up units, and tachometers. Our highly skilled
and educated technicians have serviced over 25,000 encoder devices. Each day
we receive encoders from AC Servos, DC Servos, and robotic applications.

We are intimate with encoder outputs well beyond the common simple
incremental TTL outputs. We understand and test outputs such as analog,
pulse, and digital modulation, commutation output, high resolution
incremental signals, interpolated signals, open collector outputs, current
sink, current source, absolute single turn encoders, absolute multi turn
encoders, gray code, natural binary code, binary coded decimal, parallel
output encoders, serial output encoders, synchro resolver outputs, and
timed-dual resolver outputs.


Complete Electronic Repair

  • component replacement
  • optical replacement and alignment
  • output calibration
Complete Mechanical Repair
  • bearing replacement
  • shaft replacement
  • connector or cable replacement


Oracle Encoder Service uses only
the highest quality parts,
which meet or exceed
OEM standards.







1712 A Street, LaPorte, IN 46350, Tel. 888-994-2001, Fax 219-324-9370